Question : Do I need to have a personal computer before I can start?

 Answer : Having your personal computer or desktop is not a must. You can start with your Internet enabled mobile phone and also use the cyber cafe once a while. The only draw back is that, it may take you longer time to set up everything since there are certain restrictions when you don't have your own computer yet..

Question : How often do I need to work ?

 Answer : The beautiful thing about online business is that, you can do it at your own pace and most of the systems can be automated, that is you can easily set it up and leave it to run on its own. That may sound weird, but you'll find out how true it is when you get started…but the more you work, the more money you make

Question : Do I need to be a computer wizard or an Internet guru?

Answer : The truth is that, most great Internet marketers including myself started without any prior knowledge of HTML and neither was I an Internet guru when I started out. So you don't need to be a computer literate or Internet guru before you can make money online. If you can read and write, and also fill a form correctly, you're good to go….

Question : What is the basic requirement that I need to get started, aside my computer and Internet connection ?

Answer : The basic requirement is the readiness to work hard and the determination to be successful. Remember, determination is the key to success.

Question : Would I start making money Immediately?

Answer : First of all, you need to learn the ropes first, before you can start making any good money. I have to be frank with you on this one, most get rich-quick marketers would lie to you so they could sell their info product to you, but I'm not here to deceive you, so I'll just tell you the pure truth straight off…you cannot start making good money immediately.

It is solely dependent on how fast you can learn, how determined you're, how hard working you're, your access to an Internet connection, etc. while it takes some people to start seeing good results in one week, it may take others a month.

Question : How much capital do I need to start?

Answer : Generally, online business does not require much start up capital. While some may not require any capital at all, some may require at least $156 to start it. Some may require no start up capital at all. So your choice of business would determine how much you'll need to start.

Question : Who pays me the money and how do I receive it?

Answer : There are several means of payments system online. I'll use myself as an example, I collect money through Paypal, direct deposit into my bank account, Payoneer, Western union, credit card payment, sometimes through recharge cards, Skrill, perfect money, checks, you can also use your online accounts to shop online or exchange your funds through reliable currency exchangers and they'll pay the equivalent amount into your local bank account.

Question : Who will mentor me or coach me as I get started?

Answer : I am fully available to coach and mentor you in any area of business you choose to go for.
I would guide you step by step till you start making money. You will not waste money, time and energy as you start because I'll make sure you avoid the same mistakes that I made when I first started out as a newbie.

Question : I am a school drop out, will I be allowed to take part in this business?

Answer : You don't require any certificate to take part. Once you can read and write or be able to fill a form correctly, you're good to go.

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